How to UNLOCK Happiness at your Workplace?

Many companies do a lot for their employees; good salaries, plenty of training and education opportunities, comfortable and attractive office space with every luxury and perks galore, and still they aren’t happy.

In this world, there are about 3 billion working people, and only about 40% of them would say they’re happy at work. That means about 1.8 billion, or almost 2 billion people are not happy at work. This is a sad statistic.

Companies with many happy employees demonstrate four times the revenue growth compared to organisations where that’s not the case. And if you look at employee turnover, it’s half that of organisations with many unhappy employees. The secret is that companies don’t have to spend more money to make this happen. It’s not about ice coffees and cappuccinos or comfortable chairs or the lights that they fix. It’s all about the individual making his workday more pleasant and productive, thereby increasing positive vibes and happiness around the workplace.

What Makes You Happy?

Initially, you have to identify what makes you happy in your job. Do you enjoy doing something unique or giving your client the highest level of satisfaction? Do you like making your teammate’s day better? Do you find fulfilment in knowing your work has improved the company’s processes and output? Whatever makes you happy, cherish it as long as possible.

Meanwhile, if you are unhappy at work, find the source of your unhappiness. Is it your job duties? Or the team you work with? Maybe your clients? Discuss with your senior-level executives or anyone else in your team to see if  changes can be made. Otherwise, things may remain the same. You will be frustrated and you will not be able to move forward or grow.

Additionally, ask yourself some honest questions. What type of attitude do you have towards your role in the company? Do you support your team or do you always complain? Does your job cause you more positive emotions or negative emotions? Think more about your weaknesses. Have you ever had a bad day with an unpleasant person at work? How did you handle the day’s work?

If your outlook is the problem, changing your negative attitude into a positive one would help you overcome the obstacles quickly and create room for happiness at your workplace. 

Are You Bored At Work?

One big source of unhappiness is boredom. If this is the case, see what you can do about it. Find new opportunities within your job or learn a new skill. Or else take a little break if you are really tired of your daily routine. It will boost your productivity and help you get rid of your mental pressure and stress. Take a pause to watch a funny video or talk to your bestie for a while to fix your mood. 

However, you should also learn to be passionate about what you do; because loving what you do and the challenges that come with it will help you overcome your lethargy and lead to a sense of personal satisfaction.

Building Better Relationships

You spend nearly eight hours a day with your teammates. Think about how you can build a solid relationship with them. Your workplace can indeed be filled with conflicting personalities and views, but when work gets tough you should be able to rely on each other.  At the end of the day, having a good relationship with peers at work can make your day brighter and your workload lighter.

In companies where employees are happy, you find two things present; Trust and Appreciation. Companies say that they trust their employees or else they empower their employees. But do they trust and appreciate their employees at the same time? 

Employees should be given the maximum appreciation for superior performance, in order to encourage further progress. Such recognition motivates employees to push themselves even harder and also creates a sense of commitment toward work since they are happy. 

The LEGO Example

LEGO (one of the world’s top toy brands) CEO Niels B. Christiansen’s expression of happiness at work was marvellous when the company once again achieved its best result ever in 2015. He celebrated the moment of joy with his employees. When he announced the result, the team started dancing and singing along in the chorus with him, “Everything is awesome, Everything is cool when you are part of the team.” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yP7fQ7WmGpw)

Niels’ reaction to his company’s success is so exciting. We all have practised acting professionally at work, stifling some of our weird tendencies. But that is not how it should be. LEGO sets an example to showcase how happiness plays a major role in the culture of a company. Now it’s our turn to check whether we are building happy and warm relationships within our companies. 

What Needs To Change?

The changes that you enact in how you treat others, respond to, and support each other define the volume of your happiness at work. Your thoughts determine your outlook, so make an effort to create positivity among your teammates and engage in some healthy conversations. 

For instance, stop being a miserable loner or just plain antisocial. Sit with people at lunchtime, strike up a conversation and attend company social events – you might just find a best friend for life.

All in all, achieving workplace happiness is about how much you enjoy doing your work and how you respond to others with a positive mindset. Celebrating this ‘International Week of Happiness at Work, reflect on whether you enjoy your job. If you are unsure, identify the pain points that affect your happiness, then reset, refresh and restart with a new approach.

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