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How Do You Know If Your Phone is Already Hacked?

 Imagine awakening in the morning, checking your phone, and finding a mail from the bank saying that you got hit with a transaction that you didn’t authorise, which has emptied out all of the money in your accounts. Or else, imagine getting a message from your mate asking you why you posted that weird video on Instagram, even though it wasn’t you.

 Something like this may or may not ever happen to you. But it’s better to be safe than sorry. So how do you detect that your phone is hacked? Here’s what 10QBIT Security Lead Dinuja Wickramarachchi advises.

 Excessive battery consumption

The key word here is ‘excessive’. It must be an unprecedented consumption and usually, it’s a sudden change. Your battery will start to drain faster as your phone loses its lifetime – it’s normal. Similarly, if you employ the phone more than usual, it’s normal for the battery to drain faster. It can also indicate a problem since spy apps are running in the background.

 Changes in phone behavior

Do you receive texts or messages from unknown numbers? Does your phone blink without your touch, have slow performance, or does the screen freeze often? These are signs to consider when it comes to your phone being hacked.

 Increase in data usage

This is a great way to discover spy apps as these apps send reports of all your phone activity, using their data traffic.

 Installing unknown apps

Hackers are experts in accessing your personal data as well as a chain of unwanted actions via a newly created app or an existing app.

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 What to do when your phone is hacked?

Now that you are familiar with the signs, do you think that your phone has been hacked?

If you suspect this is the case, before you panic, follow a few initial steps to get rid of the hackers easily.

  • Remove all unidentified apps from your smartphone
  • Run an anti-Malware app to scan every installed app and check malicious files
  •  Do a reset – most Malwares cannot survive a full reset
  • Inform your contacts about the situation
  • Contact a professional service

Your phone may or may not ever be hacked, but preventative action is always advisable to avoid risks in the future. It will significantly reduce the odds of it happening to you and it will put you ahead of 99% of the population.

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What preventive measures can help you stay safe from being hacked?

  • Never install apps from third-party stores or enable unknown sources
  • Never leave your phone unlocked anywhere
  •  Don’t let people use your phone without you having a close eye on what they do
  • Avoid unknown Wi-Fi and public Wi-Fi whenever possible and use a VPN when you do so.
  • Regularly delete your browser cookies and cache or set it to delete automatically
  • Use an anti-malware app on your phone
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